Multi Display Adapter won't run video?

Hi guys, brought a USB 2.0 UGA Multi-Display Adapter and can’t get video to display out of a data projector. Have it set up in a classroom off a brand new PC (win XP). Get video on display, change settings to mirror display and both windows media screens black out! Any hints pleeeeeeeese!

Hi James,

Quick question to clarify - Are the desktop and other applications mirroring properly, but it’s a video playing in a Window (in Windows Media Player) that goes black?

If so, what content are you trying to play in media player?

Hi Bermie, Yes all the other programs are fine, am playing DVDs through WMP, have also tried MoviePlayer Classis, Niro and a couple of others, all just black out the player screen.

thanks Jamesa

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Hi James,

Windows Media Player and many others default to a renderer which uses hardware acceleration and overlays that DisplayLink doesn’t support. By turning off overlays/hardware acceleration, this feature should work in mirror mode (although mirror mode does have some unique limitations).

The settings for this are in the Media Player Video Acceleration Settings:


Make sure “use video mixing renderer” and “overlays” are both unchecked for the content that is having a problem.

See more from DisplayLink at…

Please let us know if this resolves the problem.

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No luck!!! as soon as I turn on the unit ie: mirror the image the playing screen on WMP goes black. Issue is that I have 6 others throughout the school working fine on Media Player Clasic (older PCs) as I had this same problem BUT MPC now does the same thing on this machine. Will check out the web site.

thanks JamesJ

Hi James - the ones that are working fine, are they using USB attached graphics? What got them working (or did they work all along)?

If you find a particular machine the appears to have a special problem - it is may be a problem specific to the type of graphics controller (Intel/nVidia/ATI) on the system. If the problem reproduces on just one system - what is the graphics controller?

Thanks – and thanks for checking your setup against DisplayLink’s forums and information. We’ll figure this out and see if there’s an easy workaround …