MS Multipoint Server support for UD-3000?

Are there any support plans or test attempts to use the UD-3000 Superspeed on Windows Multipoint Server? Would there be benefits to run on a USB3.0 bus?

Thanks for asking! No, not at this time. There are two main reasons: DisplayLink hasn’t released info on how to program the USB 3.0 chips (so there are only their provided drivers for Windows and Mac client desktops); but even beyond that, USB 3.0 has significant limitations in terms of cable length. So even though the extra throughput would be appealing, in practice it would be fragile to set up a typical classroom, with longer runs between the central server and the terminals. That’s easy with USB 2.0, but full of problems for USB 3.0.

Sorry for the potentially bad news, but hope that background helps!