Moving Outlook and financial data files to new computer - need monitor on both computers old and new?

I only have 1 monitor for desktop computer, planned to leave it attached to old computer during migration of files. But will the Outlook .pst data file automatically go to the right place under Users, or do I need 2 monitors, one on old computer and one on new, to find the right location for transfer? (Also need to do that with a financial program data file under Users.)

Hi Daveda,

Thank you for posting about our transfer cable.

Using the software requires quite a bit of going back and forth between the two computers, so you if you tried to do it with only one monitor, you would have to do a lot of going back and forth between the two computers, plugging the monitor into one, then the other.

My recommend is to borrow a monitor from another computer, either at your home or from a friend. You can also get an old monitor cheaply at a thrift shop, then donate it back when you are done.

Outlook data files require you to export the mails to a file on the desktop, use the cable to transfer to the new computer, then import them into Outlook there. With Ace Money files, whether the data files will move automatically or not depends on which folder they are stored in.

I hope this helps,

Plugable Support