Moved desks, now no power

I’ve been using the UD-3900 no problem at work, but recently we switched desks, so all my computer things were unplugged. Now the Unplugable doesn’t seem to turn on, no lights come on and my second monitor and scanner can’t be found. Everything else plugged in to the power strip seems to be working, and I already followed a trouble shooting guide to uninstall all your software and reinstall, but still no lights indicating it is on and nothing working.

Hi Kelly,

Thanks for posting!

Sorry to hear about this unexpected issue after your desk move. The first step I’d like to take is to double-check that the power adapter for the UD-3900 is firmly connected to the power jack on the back of the dock.

You mentioned that no lights come on – does this mean you are not seeing the blue power light on the front of the dock?

Next, we’ll also want to double-check that the correct power adapter is being used, just to rule out the possibility of a power adapter mixup upon your move. Please refer to the following image to reference the correct power adapter for the UD-3900:

Lastly, although I understand that everything else plugged into your power strip is OK, let’s plug the UD-3900 into a different wall outlet, just as a brief test to see if the blue light powers on.

Please confirm with me this information and we’ll take the next steps from there.

Thanks for giving us a chance to help!


There is still no power light when plugged directly into the wall. Attached is a picture of my plug. I’ve got it plugged in to the back as far as I can, although there is still maybe a quarter inch of the silver showing. . Interestingly though, it is charging my wireless keyboard that is plugged into it, but still cannot find the extra monitor or scanner.

Hi Kelly,

Thanks for getting back to me with this additional information.

At this point, I’d like to proceed with a warranty replacement to verify that the hardware is working properly. To get this process started, could you please reach out to directly at support@plugable with the following pieces of information?

  1. The Amazon Order ID associated with your UD-3900 dock
  2. The serial number located on the bottom of the dock
  3. A preferred shipping address

Please title the subject line as “Ticket #273758”. Once again, please send this information over a direct email – do not post this information here publicly.

Thanks for your patience while we work to help!


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