Moved and now USB 3.0 Docking station does not work

I moved, other than that same machine, docking station, and monitors, but it does not work at all. I have powered down for several minutes, run the cleaner and re-installed. It simply does not work anymore, PLEASE ASSIST!

Hi Shawn,

Thank you for posting! I am sorry things are not working as expected while using your Plugable docking station and I would be happy to help.

My impression based on your description is that you are using a Plugable UD-3900 docking station → Please feel free to correct me if I am mistaken.

Presuming for the moment that my understanding is indeed correct…

You mention that you recently moved all of your equipment. In our experience helping others, the most common causes of things not working as expected after moving the UD-3900 are related to power.

As a result, I have two quick questions for you:

  1. When the UD-3900 dock is operating normally, there should be a solid blue power indicator light located on the front of the dock, towards the top of the unit.

Can you please confirm that you see a solid blue power indicator light on the front of your UD-3900?

  1. If an incorrect model power adapter is connected to the UD-3900, the blue power indicator light may blink or remain dark. Can you please confirm that you are using only the power adapter that Plugable originally included in the box with the UD-3900 in order to power the unit?

For your reference, over the life of the product there have been two different model power adapters included.

The first version of power adapter looks like this:

The second version of the power adapter looks like this:

Apologies again for the frustration, and thank you for giving us the chance to help!

Plugable Technologies

The Blue light is on and I am using the first power adaptor you pictured. I can confirm the product is the UD - 3900. I have done the cleaning utility and several power cycles and it just will not work with my laptops (personal or professional) anymore.

Hi Shawn,

Thank you for getting back to us with the update, and I am sorry to hear that the unexpected behavior remains.

Based on your latest description of the behavior, our next step is to get some additional information.

Can you please send an email to our direct support email address → with ‘For ticket #- 375706’ in the subject line that contains the following information?:

  1. The Amazon Order ID number for your UD-3900 purchase (this is available from, and is required in order to confirm warranty status.

  2. While the UD-3900 is connected to your personal PC (even if not working as expected), the output of our diagnostic utility PlugDebug →

This information will help us to determine the next steps.

** Please do not post the above information here in our public forum (it contains personally identifiable information) **

Thank you for your patience!


Thanks much to Bob and the team-
Issue is resolved
Thanks for your timely replies and depth of knowledge.

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