Mouse lag - Thunderbolt 3 HDMI

I have the plugable thunderbolt 3 HDMI adapter, and I’m experiencing keyboard and mouse lag. This is on an HP x360 Spectre. Any ideas? Thanks.

Hi Scott,

Thanks for posting!

In and of itself our adapter should not be able to affect the keyboard and mouse behavior. Yours is the first such report we have had, so the behavior is most unusual and certainly not expected.

Can you provide some additional detail as to how you have everything connected to your system? For example the brand and model number of the input devices, how you are connecting them to the system (is there a USB hub?), and the brand and model number of both displays connected to the adapter?

Can you also provide the specific model number of your HP system? I ask because HP makes several different model systems with the same marketing name, and in some cases the details can matter. One way to provide this information is via the ‘Product Number’ on the system itself. HP has a quick guide to locating the number here ->…

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