Mouse lag on other monitors connected to your PC

Have you guys found out the problem of why there is a horrendous mouse lag on other monitors that I have connected to my computer, other then my main display. I’ve had this for about a year now and nobody really addresses it head on to correct it. It started to occur when I upgraded to windows 10, from 7. I tried everything you told me to do, ie…upgrade drivers etc…and other, but it still does it.

Hello Kevin,

Sorry to hear about this. I’d be happy to try and assist you.

It looks like you’ve contacted us before directly via email and we tried some things. The first thing I recommend currently is installing the latest DisplayLink drivers:…

If that doesn’t help, it looks like we’ve previously tried just about all of our recommended options. The only other thing I could recommend is to try disconnecting some of the additional monitors and see if the performance improves.

Unfortunately due to the age of your computer, there are no newer driver updates available for your Intel graphics card.

Ultimately if it was working fine before Windows 10, you may consider doing a clean install of Windows 7, or looking into a newer and more powerful computer.