Mouse does not stay connected - drops connection in under a minute and must constantly be re-awakened.

The bluetooth mouse works great when it’s connected, but using it on both Mac and Linux it drops connection and must be constantly re-awakened. Can’t even go 30 seconds without having to reconnect.

I have been able to fiddle with the bluetooth config files on Linux, and changed some of the settings and timeouts, but it’s still not the same as a USB mouse - and I have no idea how to set the same parameters on macOS.

I have 3 Linux machines and one Mac using the Pluggable mouse. They all are different machines, 2 Dell laptops - both different models, an Atom processor Linux machine, and the Mac 13" mid 2011.

Is this behavior normal for bluetooth? Is there a way to make the mouse more like a USB mouse where it’s always on?