Mouse and keyboard will freeze for a second


I purchased and recommended to my coworkers the PLUGABLE USB-C TRIPLE DISPLAY DOCKING STATION. The product works great and has allowed me to migrate easily from my old desktop to a work laptop seamlessly. However, after a day or so of use, I noticed that every few minutes the mouse or keyboard will freeze for a few seconds. Somethings, the keyboard will enter the last key I typed repeatedly when it freezes.

I have updated my operating system. I reinstall the drivers found on this website. My laptop is a Razer Blade Pro, i7-7700HQ Intel processor, running Windows 10 64-bit. I have 2 external monitors connected.

I found an entry in the forum about 5 years ago. No solution was provided but they asked for the DirectLink logs. I can provide the file if needed.

Thank you,
Jayson J