Mouse AND keyboard Lag

I have a brand new Dell Precision 7530 and bought this to run an external monitor, keyboard and mouse.
I’m experiencing TERRIBLE lag off and on with your device. There are NO wireless mice or keyboards.
I have tested multiple devices on all of your USB ports and when it is happening, everything plugged into your device is exhibiting the issue.

Please advise how to correct this, as I cannot have this to do my work, and will return it immediately. Your suggestion in a previous thread that a new laptop solved someone else’s issue is not acceptable.

Hello, thanks for posting and I’ll be happy to help! I am very sorry to hear of this behavior. We’ve also noticed a post on Spiceworks related to this issue and we’ve responded with similar information below, however it is currently under moderation for approval.

Thank you for the description of what you are seeing. It sounds like an issue we have seen reported (originally with our USB-C docking stations) that ultimately was determined to be caused by a power management setting within Windows for the Intel Management Engine built-in to the laptop.

In those cases, applying a simple change within the Windows Registry to change this power management setting helped. Dell has created a ‘USB-C Patch’ as they call it to specifically address this issue and make the necessary change in the registry (although the change is applicable to any Windows system, not just Dell’s). Does applying this patch help resolve this behavior?

** While most updates proceed without incident, there is always a chance something could go wrong. Prior to proceeding, please ensure you have a verified full system backup of any and all important data and please create a fresh System Restore Point as a precaution. Plugable will not be able to help recover any data or restore the system to working state should an update not work as expected. If you do not wish to take this risk, please stop here. **

To do so, please download and execute this Dell ‘USB-C Patch’ file which will make the appropriate registry change ->

Once complete, please reboot the system and test the behavior again. Please let us know if this patch helps or not and we can proceed from there.

Thank you,

David W.
Plugable Technologies

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