Mouse and keyboard lag using 3 display docking station (USB-C)

I have UD-ULTCDL, i noticed there’s big lag using my mouse and keyboard, at first i was thinking about battery… so i bought couple of batteries but it didn’t help. I restarted my Mac (Sierra 10.12.5) and it was still lagging… I booted my laptop to Win10Pro, it was responsive but still jumpy… Im a really fast typist and Im telling you, this is pain in the neck… I almost break my keyboard out of frustration, but before I went overboard I decided to plug the USB receiver directly to my laptop and to my surprise, it’s flawless… I felt bad blaming my keyboard and mouse :frowning:

Anything I can do so you can troubleshoot and help other users like me??? I can’t believe there’s no final solution for this problem. I’ve seen a lot of thread about lagging issue and i don’t know where to start. Every thread is an open case. Let me know what to do and I will participate just to close this case.

just an update, here’s my current setup… I have 3 external Dell monitors (Dell U2415) each monitor has USB3 hub (providing 5 USB downstream port)… it was in the monitor manual to use specific downstream port (9b and rear) for wireless device and that’s what I did… now it’s working… I will observe and update you guys.

Hi Anthony,

Please keep us in the loop if anything changes.

Thank you,

win10 environment is more responsive than MacOS… Im using dual boot, by the way. Current situation It’s way way better than the time i raised this concern. In MacOS, i still encounter delay; one before I log in to my MacBook Pro, then some few random moment.

Anyway, If i put the receiver directly in front of docking station, mouse is jumpy… i read an article saying I need to plug it at the back of unit… My Dell monitors are all connected at the back of plugable unit. Also if Im going to use monitor USB, i need to use Dell’s recommended USB ports for wireless devices.

So far so good…

Glad to hear things are better now. macOS does definitely still have some performance issues compared to Windows, but things are slowly getting better.

If you ever need anything else don’t hesitate to ask!