Mountain Lion Support

Will your usb 3.0 adapter work with Apple Mountain Lion, now that displayLink has released a driver for DL-3x00 based products ?

Hi Ken,

Thanks for posting!

Yes, all of our USB 3.0 DisplayLink based products will work with DisplayLink’s new Mac 2.0 Alpha drivers and the final release when it’s available:…

That said, these are alpha drivers. There are a number of significant issues that will be fixed by Apple in the coming 10.8.3 OS update. And there are a number of DisplayLink problems and limitations that you can read about in the testing forum there, including no audio or network support yet for dock products like our Plugable UD-3000 (only multiple monitors).

We’re running these drivers on our own Mac systems, and are happy with the progress. We’ll be writing up blog post updates at if you’d like to track our experiences.

And just let us know if you have any questions about the details – with Mac support still under development, we’d rather people know any limitations ahead of time!

Thanks again for asking ahead!