Mountain Lion compatibility

Ask Displaylink to fix Mountain Lion compatibility. 100% Broken right now despite v1.8 claiming to be “Mountain Lion compatibile”

yea WTF I just bought 4 of them updated to Mountain Lion now not working!

I got it to work just DL the new drivers:…

Hi All,

Our Mountain Lion update completed this morning, so we’ll provide information on our compatibility testing as soon as we have finished it later today. But on this issue, the key thing is to update your Mac to the v1.8 DisplayLink drivers at….

Until a few weeks back, DisplayLink had an Alpha test release (v1.8a) of these drivers posted. But now a full production release of v1.8 has been published. This is what you need for Mountain Lion.

Head over to later today for our post of our initial results of Plugable-on-Mountain Lion compatibility testing.

Sorry for any hassles that Apple’s upgrade is causing with your Plugable products. Don’t hesitate to write with any odd issues you’re seeing with Plugable devices after moving to Mountain Lion.

Best Regards,

Plugable Technologies

This doesn’t work either. Just came back from Genius Bar @ Apple, Burlington, MA and they showed me all the error reports from DisplayLink through USB (a Targus laptop docking station that uses DisplayLink for video). Prior to the Mac OS 8 upgrade all of this stuff worked seamlessly, now, it’s causing errors every few seconds.

Hi Roger,

Sorry that something is not working correctly with the Plugable graphics adapters on Mountain Lion. Can you send the compressed output file that running this tool on your Mac will create to…. Make the e-mail subject “log files from Roger for Aaron” so that they get routed to me. I will tak a look and get back to you on Monday with troubleshooting steps.

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I also still have issues after using 1.8. The display works, but the entire system will crash randomly. Upon restart, the system will hang at Apples gray screen, but the log in box will not appear. System worked fine (minus the monitor) after removing the 1.8 driver.

By the way - for everyone with other brands of hardware other than Plugable (and even for those that do!), you can get very up to date discussion about 10.8 from the horses’ mouth on DisplayLink’s Mac forum, here:…

And if you’re a Plugable user and you don’t hear from us quickly enough here, please feel free to email (include your Amazon order # if possible). Apple OS upgrades often have effects, big and small, on drivers – it may take some time to figure them all out.

Thanks for your patience!

@kprzepiorski: Can you do the following?

  1. Re-install the 1.8 driver at… and use the Plugable adapter

  2. At the next crash, copy the dump from your Mac’s crash log to a text file

  3. Run the Mac diagnostic tool available at…

  4. Send the crash log you copied in No. 2 and the compressed output file generated by the support tool to with the subject “Files from kprzepiorski for Aaron”

  5. Feel free to uninstall the DisplayLink drivers again.

I will submit your crash info to DisplayLink for analysis. Either there will be a solution I can provide to you from DisplayLink, or a fix will go into the next Mac driver release

Sorry for the hassles after the Mountain Lion upgrade. We’ll do all we can to help DisplayLink know about and address the issues you’re facing.

Best Regards,

Plugable Technologies

I have the same problem, after installing the driver version 1.8 on my macbook pro, it works with 2 LCD connected. But the disconnect and use them without the screens, I have a gray screen and my finder is not working, or FaceTime. All this with Mountain Lion

@Andrés Esteban Ovalle Gahona (apologies to all other past forum participants who also will get this in e-mail)

Does the following MacRumors post offer any help?…

If yes, which solution did you use to resolve the problem?

If no, please run the Mac diagnostic tool available at… and send the compressed output file generated by the support tool to with the subject “Files from Andrés for Aaron.” I will use them to file a bug with DisplayLink.

Sorry for the hassles you’re facing with a Plugable device after the Mountain Lion upgrade.

Best Regards,

Plugable Technologies

Thanks for responding, unfortunately re install Lion 10.7, as the Macbook Pro I use at work, so I can not give you what you ask.

It’s a mess. Please fix it. It crashes and makes my Finder blink, etc. It is messing with my whole OS. I know this because reinstalling the OS takes out the driver, making my third monitor not work until I reinstall 1.8 (today) and problems start again. I can’t watch videos on Youtube, etc. once this 1.8 is installed.

Reinstalling Mountain Lion fixes the problem but that’s not a great solution – programers at Display Link need to find what isn’t compatible and fix it quickly. Thanks much.

Mac OS X 10.8 has regressed things for many DisplayLink users. And it seems to be several different things related to the final release - the earlier 10.8 developer previews did not raise these issues, as far as we saw.

We know DisplayLink is working on the issues, but the issues are complex, vary from system to system, and I don’t think DisplayLink (or Apple) has a handle on all of them yet. And there’s a pattern of this happening with each OS X update.

One new problem with 10.8 has been crashes on system sleep (with DisplayLink devices present) - these seem to stop when OS X’s Bluetooth subsystem is disabled before sleep. See here for details:…

There is also some hope that 10.8.1 will fix some issues, but the evidence (from those running developer previews) is mixed.

For advanced users who are willing to try things, the best place for updates and common problem reports is DisplayLink’s Mac forum at…

For “normal” users considering purchasing a USB graphics adapter or dock for use on a Mac, we’d definitely recommend holding off if you can. Until Apple starts officially supporting 3rd party graphics drivers like this, we’re afraid that the pattern of driver problems with new OS X releases will persist.

This is why you’ll see “not recommended on Mac” on Plugable’s USB graphics related products on Amazon (in all those cases where we’ve been able to change the text). We’ll keep that warning up there until things change for the better, in a fundamental way.

None of this affects Windows systems, it’s all Mac specific.

Sorry we don’t have better news. It’s very frustrating for those affected. Hopefully there will be updates from Apple and DisplayLink soon.

I’m having the same issues with Displaylink with Mountain Lion. Trying to install the driver crashes Finder. After reading this forum, I thought I would try downloading the driver again using the links provided.

Here’s the message I get when trying to download the latest Displaylink driver from:…

Internal Server Error

The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

Please contact the server administrator, and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error.

More information about this error may be available in the server error log.

Additionally, a 500 Internal Server Error error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request. !](](

Hi Jeff,

DisplayLink is caught up in the larger havoc created by “Anonymous” today (e.g. godaddy).

We’ve temporarily uploaded a mirror of the latest (version 1.8, July 2 2012) Mac driver here:…

It sounds like you may have already tried this version … if so, just let us know (email for quickest response).

Hope that helps! Thanks!

i am trying to use the new drivers as i have the new lion os. when installed i get a trouble booting my mac and when i use the older version a backlight is all i am getting on the secondary monitor. i am using the dvi to vga adapter, is this necessary, and what can i do


Hi Chioke-

Thanks for posting!

Can you please provide some details about what product you have and what kind of system you have? Do you have a ud-160a, a uga-165, a uga-2ka, etc?

It would probably be easiest to simply run the DisplayLink support tool and send the output in an email to attention Jeff.

Here’s a link with instructions on use and download for the support tool:…

Thanks again for posting, best wishes-

Jeff Everett
MCITP Enterprise Support Tech
Plugable Technologies

It does not work. They run you around, but it simply doesn’t work and they aren’t fixing it. They say it might be hardware. I’ve already replaced the hardware once. They must also know that their hardware goes out untested. Ask for your money back. I’m going to. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be another solution to get my third display up without screwing my Mac.

Hi Steve-

Thanks for posting!

Please see my note above: I’m running 4 displays connected via UGA-2KA and UGA-165 from my mid 2012 Mac Air (5,1) running 10.8.2.

I’m happy to help if anyone is having issues, please just send a mail with the output of the display link support tool attention Jeff to

Best wishes-

Jeff Everett
MCITP Enterprise Support Tech
Plugable Technologies