more than one computer?

can this used with several different laptops, ie: dell, toshiba at different times

Hi Mitchell,

Thanks for the question. Yes, definitely. It’s one of the common uses - set up a common desk with big monitor, speakers, USB printer, etc. And then any laptop user can sit down, plop down their laptop, plug in a single USB cable, and start using all those devices completely as their own. It’s a common scenario for a home office, or hot-desking in the corporate environment.

The Plugable Docking Station has no storage or state of its own - when you unplug the USB cable from one computer, and plug it into another, it completely switches over to be owned by the new computer. Nothing is carried over, and it causes no conflicts.

Note that software drivers for all the USB devices will be installed on each laptop that connects. That’s automatic on Windows 7 (and earlier versions, with Windows Update enabled for driver updates), but still will take a few minutes. And if a laptop is only going to use the hardware once or a few times, it’s probably not worth the space and effort of having all those drivers installed.

Thanks again! Hope that helps.