More than 2 USB3-HDMI-DVI? Up to 6?

I use 2 of your plugable (USB3-HDMI-DVI) on a Fujitsu T902 with Widows 8 pro (all updated) without any problem

When I want to use a third one… Just ask to reboot … And do not recognize… Reboot and do not recognize, whatever the USB connector I am choosing…

On your web site, you say … up to 6 adapter are possible…And it was my plan…to reach there.

Where is the bug?


2 adapters works perfectly… Went try to install a 3rd one, impossible… just ask to reboot and still do not recognize

I would want to reach the 6 adapters as written on the product page

Displaylink up to date, drivers up to dates, Windows 8 Pro up to date


Best regards

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USB3/HDMI/DVI More than 2 adapters? Up To 6 adapters?.

Hi Luc,

Thanks for posting your question here, we’d be glad to help! It would be very helpful if you could capture and send us the DisplayLink log file, it gives us detailed information on how your system is setup and helps us narrow down the problem. Step by step instructions on how to collect this log file can be found here:…

Please send the zip file to with a link to this post, and we’ll take a look!


Now the situation is more complicated… even the 2 devices stopped working… Seams that driver does not load

Performed the test you asked me… changed nothing