More info on Mac OS X Lion compatibility for Plugable UGA-2K-A USB to VGA/DVI/HDMI Adapter


Looking for more info on Lion compatibility or limitations for this product.

* I have a recent (6 months) Macbook Pro with Intel/NVIDIA hybrid switchable graphics.
* I was planning to hang two of these adapters off a USB hub.
* One of my USB ports will be used by a DisplayPort to dual-link DVI adapter for another 30" HP monitor that I have.

Don’t need any kind of 3-D or high performance support for these monitors… they are basically just going to be used for IM windows or basic web browsing or looking at code.


Hi Cliff,

Thanks for asking ahead! We’re going to post a bigger update soon, but here’s the quick status:

As you know, Lion broke USB graphics in some significant ways. DisplayLink resolved several of the new problems in their drivers (version 1.6 beta 4), but some issues remained that only Apple could fix.

Apple’s recent 1.7.2 update (released 2-3 weeks ago) has fixed most remaining critical issues, including fixing the issue with login screen not being shown on older hybrid GPU macs, and a performance drop after returning from sleep.

So things are definitely looking up.

But some minor issues remain, and can only be resolved by Apple.

The most significant remaining issue is the “drag and won’t release” bug:…

As you probably saw, since Lion’s release, Plugable has had a “Not recommended for use with Mac OS Lion” warning on our Plugable USB graphics products (like the But with DisplayLink and Apple’s fixes, we hope to remove that warning soon.

We’ll post a more detailed update soon … but for going in with their eyes open (e.g. Apple’s remaining drag/drop bug), things are looking better.

Hope that background helps. And if you go ahead with one of our Plugable brand adapters, we’re here to help if you hit any unforseen problems (we’ll resolve the issue or get you a refund).

Thanks again for asking ahead!


Thanks for the thorough reply and the very strong commitment behind your product. It’s a hard thing to find these days…


Last year I installed your USB 2.0 UGA AUDIO Multi-Display Adapter driver on my iMac which is an older 2008 20 inch model. For reasons which I won’t go into, I never used your product, not because of any issue with the device. Last month I updated my OS to Lion and have noticed some minor problems since, particularly with Bluetooth devices. Today, by chance, I went on CONSOLE and discovered an endless string of messages repeating at the rate of 2,000 lines per hour. The gist of these messages seems to indicate some problem with DisplayLink, which was installed on my computer in conjunction with your product. Since I do not use it for any purpose and since Apple has announced it is particularly incompatible with early model iMacs running Lion, such as mine, I would prefer to uninstall the driver but found I have lost the cd which came with the product, and when running the installer in search of the uninstaller I found it was not there.
To make a long story short, how do I uninstall the DisplayLink driver in my situation.
Marshall Thompson


Hi Marshall - no problem. Just download the latest DisplayLink Mac driver package here:…

And when you run the installer, you’ll see three choices: install, read release notes, or uninstall. Just choose uninstall.

More detailed steps are in DisplayLink’s Mac manual here: http://displaylinkmanuals.s3.amazonaw… Intall/Uninstall directions start on page 4.

Let us know if you have any trouble at all, we’d be happy to help.


Hi Bernie;

Thanks for the quick response. Turns out Lion had stuck DisplayLink in a folder labelled incompatible, so the uninstaller couldn’t find it. Wound up installing the earlier version which I found, then uninstalling. Stopped the constant messages on Console. It seemed to me that DisplayLink might now be working in the latest update to Lion, but that’s just a guess on my part.

Thanks again;



Hi Marshall - Great. Yes, Apple’s 10.7.2. is much improved for USB graphics over 10.7.1. So Apple is fixing some important bugs, as are DisplayLink’s updated driver packages. Thanks!


Hi I just bought the ugh 2k a model and have a macbook pro (a year old). Where do I find software for this adapter to work for me since the software that comes with it in the box is for windows…? and to add to that its a mini disk and will get stuck in my drive, Im scared that will happen at least.

Thanks for your timely response I look forward to hearing back.



Hi Jeff - Thanks for asking! All our USB graphics products, including the Plugable UGA-2K-A- use DisplayLink chips.

You can download the latest drivers at:…

Just email us at if you have any trouble. Thanks!


Thanks. I just downloaded the software and I connect the cords and everything via the vga cord and it still is not working.? am i missing something or doing something wrong?

Thanks for your help


Hi Jeff - Check out the DisplayLink Mac users’ manual here:

You’ll want to double-check everything (especially cabling and driver) against that.

If you’re seeing no activity at all (no LED activity on device, nothing in Mac’s display control panel), it’s most likely something simple about connectivity or driver not being fully installed.

If you’ve ruled out any simple like that, please run DisplayLink’s support tool and email at – we’ll be able to see where things stand on the system. Here’s how:…

Thanks again,


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