Monitors turn off while connected with 2013 MacBook Air unless if i move the mouse to turn them back on again

So i have a used UD-3900 and since some of my work has to be done on my personal laptop i decided to use it for my dual monitor setup, so i downloaded the drivers and everything else worked just fine, until i ran into the issue of the monitors turning off and on again about every 10 seconds or so, i’m not sure if this is because of a driver issue or the thing’s so old it can’t hold an input

Only way to turn on the monitors again is through moving the mouse, which somehow logs me out of my computer, and forces me to log back in again, and again, i’m not sure if this is because of a driver issue or what not, but it has become an annoyance, any solutions??


Hello and thank you for posting!

It appears that you have also posted about this issue within the DisplayLink support forum →

Can you please confirm if you made the aforementioned post within the DisplayLink Support forum?

We ask because the two descriptions vary slightly. For example, the description within the DisplayLink support forum indicates the behavior described only occurs when the laptop lid is closed.

Whether the laptop lid is closed when the behavior occurs is important detail, which will help us to determine the next steps.

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