Monitors swap position on wake

I’m using Windows 11 and sometimes when I wake up my laptop my monitors will have switched positions.

Now I have discovered that if I then put my laptop to sleep and wake it up, then the monitors will be back as they were. I can also go to settings and manually switch them back.

However this does keep happening. I haven’t experimented too much with yet. Is this a common issue? Are there any known fixes for this?

A few more details.
I usually keep the laptop closed only using the two desktop monitors. And those monitors are plugged into HDMI. Also I leave the dock turned on.

Hello David,

Thank you for reaching out on the forums!

This issue you describe is not necessarily one that we’ve seen be a common issue. Most of the time, these types of issues tend to be related to monitor configuration file that your computer stores in order to remember the position of your monitors.

One thing that is important is to ensure that your graphics drivers are up to date. Can you confirm that you have the most recent graphics drivers for your specific GPU?

Additionally, some steps we’ll want to take are to perform a power-cycle of the unit to reset its internal hub chipset. We’ve seen that this can often restore the dock back to a working state when one or more of its functions are not quite working. To do this, please follow these steps:

  1. Disconnect all USB peripherals and displays connected to the dock
  2. Disconnect the docking station from host machine, then disconnect the power adapter from power
  3. Leave unplugged for 1 minute for power to dissipate
  4. Connect docking station initially into power only
  5. Connect docking station to host machine, then connect USB peripherals and displays, then test for functionality

Please let me know if this helps at all.

Thank you,

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