Monitors resume flickering, nonfunctional from sleep mode - Windows 7 64

Cee 15 hours ago -

Well, I may have spoken to soon! My issue still persists unfortunately! See below as I did what was recommended from other posts.

Jan. 28, 2014
I actually found a solution to my problem that worked after I posted my question.
It turns out confirming the display drivers are up to date and Nvidia drivers along with downloading the latest DisplayLink drivers for the adapter, available from

Did all of that, rebooted - set my power saving options to
turn off display - never and
put computer to sleep - 1 minute just to see what would happen.
Monitors went to sleep after 1 min. I tapped space bar and my system came back on as normal!

Jan 29, 2014
Hello Roze,
I may have spoken to soon…
Today, my problem has come back… displays responding but my main is not 100% functional and flickering…

System is putting monitors to sleep after 20mins. when I hit my space bar - nothing, tap ‘esc’ the displays (2) come back however (1) of them my non usb-vga is flickering, not responding, frozen etc.
What do I do??
Earlier I had to click my power button once/quickly and cancel shutdown to get the monitor non usb-vga to come back - but not in a fully functioning manner… this is getting frustrating there has to be a solution.
In reviewing previous post to mine, I did as suggested;

  • update usb-vga drivers (which wasn’t necessary as my Windows 7 64bit - did it automatically)
  • update/confirm drivers for monitors/display - checked/fine.
  • Nvidia drivers - checked/fine.
  • downloaded ‘DisplayLink’ drivers - added/rebooted/fine.

Any suggstions Pls. help
I’m reposting this msg. as this thread is closed as ‘doesn’t need answer’

Hi There,

Thanks for the follow-up - sorry to hear that the problem has returned!

We have a tool called PlugDebug that is handy when troubleshooting this sort of issue. Can you please navigate to:

The above page will have a download link and instructions for how to run the application. Once it’s done, please send the .zip file it creates to and we can see what the best steps will be.