Monitors not recognized through ud-768pdz docking station on Macbook Pro M2 2023

Issue: My Macbook Pro M2 2022 does not recognize the second monitor (plugged into HDMI 2) through the single USB-C cable provided with the docking station (ud-768pdz).

I have

  • performed a restart of the docking station
  • verified that the HDMI cables work when plugged directly into my machine

Note: 1 Monitor (plugged into HDMI 1) is recognized. Only the Monitor in HDMI 2 is unrecognized.

Any information, ideas, or help are much appreciated. Thanks!

Hello Curtis,

Welcome to our Plugable forums! I can certainly assist with this issue with our UD-768PDZ not detecting your 2nd monitor.

For an issue like this I would recommend you reach out to us directly via email, if you could please use our ticket submission link here:

Please reference ticket #433563 in your email and we look forward to hearing from you soon so that we can further support and work towards a solution.

Plugable Technologies
Product Owner

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