Monitors not going to sleep when machine is locked and not used for many hours

So far, I have really enjoyed the plugable USB 3.0 universal docking station. But when my windows 7 machine is locked for a time(overnight) the monitors are showing the desktop picture. Why? The monitors should be black/asleep/powersave mode.

Hi Jodi,

Thanks for reaching out to us, this is a rather strange issue I would be happy to look into with you.

The most common cause of this type of issue is having the system set not to turn off the monitors, to check this setting, please perform the following:

  1. Open the Windows 7 Start Menu and type “Power Options” into the search
  2. In the results should be “Power Options” under “Control Panel”, select this option
  3. For the currently selected power plan, select “Change plan settings” to the right of the plan name
  4. Please verify the option for “Turn off the display” has a value selected like 5 Minutes or 10 Minutes, if “Never” is selected the display will not shut itself off.

From this same menu the system sleep timer may also be set to reduce the entire system to a low power state.

Please let me know if this helps,

Plugable Technologies

Hello Jodi,

We’re closing this thread due to inactivity, but if you have any further questions please feel free to contact and we’ll be happy to help.


Plugable Technologies