Monitors either completely black or green cast with USB-to-VGA adapters

I’m attempting to use 2 of the Plugable USB 2.0 Display Adapters to connect a pair of Samsung SyncMaster 910T monitors to my IBM ThinkPad T61. Operating system is Windows XP with latest service packs and security updates. One monitor goes completely black, and the other has a green cast to the display. When I disconnect the Plugable units and uninstall the drivers (I pulled down the latest), I can connect either of the monitors to the VGA output on the laptop and get a perfectly functioning display. Any ideas as to why?

Hi Mark,

Thanks for contacting us, and thanks for your patience! We’ll be able to help.

The blank screen and the screen with the green tint may have different causes.

To get the DisplayLink drivers back on there, you can install our latest recommended version directly from DisplayLink here:…

Color tint across the whole screen on VGA can often be caused by one of the particular color lines (Red Green or Blue) being loosely connected. Just to double check, could you swap USB cables and check both sides of the connection, to make sure that there’s a tight connection with the USB graphics adapter? Does that help?

For the blank screen, can you double-check that the 3rd screen was configured for Windows to use it? The DisplayLink user manual has helpful screenshots. For XP, see page 16 of http://displaylinkmanuals.s3.amazonaw…

Let us know how it goes, we’ll be able to figure out next steps. We’ll be able to get you up and running.

Thanks again for your patience!