Monitor Unrecognizable, Display Manager control panel flashes

Second monitor (plugable usb 2.0 display adapter) froze, went black and is now unrecognizable to the system. There are speakers on the monitor and every 6 seconds or so a system tone sounds. I have the Display Manager control panel open, and it flashes every time the tone sounds. I suspect there is some spurious process running but see nothing unusual in the Task Manager processes or services. The usb port is working because the monitor speakers are working. Any ideas?

Hi tmolnar,

Thanks for posting your question here, we’ll be able to help. That’s definitely unusual behavior you are seeing there! First, can you reply back with which USB2.0 Graphics Adapter you have? Also, which Operating System are you using and which make and model of monitor you have? With these details we’ll be better able to determine next steps.

Thank you very much!!!

Thanks Jerome,

  1. Plugable USB 2.0 Display Adapter #D10-00276797
  2. Win 7 Pro
  3. Dell AS 501

Also Jerome, I’ve read through some of the posts chains here and have had similar experience with the monitor freezing with no mouse or keyboard activity. I’ve had success just unplugging the usb from the pc and re-plugging.

Hi tmolnar,

Thanks for the prompt reply. We’re looking into your issue, can you reply back to with your Amazon Order Id? That way we’ll be able to figure out exactly which model of USB Display Adapter you have.

Thanks again,