Monitor says no signal...can't detect monitor under display

Hi Karen,

Thanks for posting! I am sorry to know that you are having trouble with display.

Some quick questions to understand the setup and the issue better-:

  1. What is the make and model (or specs) of your system and the current version of OS used?

  2. As we have many products, which is the model that you have? If you have trouble figuring it out, just shoot us an email at with your Amazon Order ID and we will pull this information from there.

  3. What is the make and model (or specs) of your monitor and is it connected through DVI, VGA or HDMI?

Once you post back with the above information we will figure out the next steps.


Hi Roze,

Could this be some kind of issue in the device or A/B cable?. The signal goes on and off randomly. If you jiggle the cord or the device it will come on, but then shuts off again randomly.

I am going to try replacing the A/B cable today and see what happens.

I’m pretty sure it is not the USB port on my computer as other devices plugged in to the same USB do not seem to have any problems.

When the device is active it does show up under USB adapter devices in device manager. When the device shuts off it does not show up under the USB adapter devices in device manager.

I sent all the information you requested above in a previous email.

Thanks for your help.

Hi Karen,

Thanks for posting back! Unfortunately, when you reply to a notification from GetSatisfaction, we do not receive an email. We can only see your response either when you post back here or shoot us an email at Could you please forward the email with the information to so that we have a better idea about the setup?

If jiggling the cord is causing a connect/disconnect, then the issue could be caused either by a faulty cable or the connection not being tight enough. As a sanity check please ensure that the connectors are plugged all the way in.

Do let us know the results once you get a chance to swap the cable. Once we have the setup information and this, we will figure out the next steps.

Thanks for your patiece while we figure this out!