Monitor ressolution with UD-3900 + Yoga 920

Yoga 920 (win10)and UD-3900 setup with 2 external monitors. Everything works Ok except one monitor resolution is not correct. Both are set to 1920x 1080 which is correct when I used them with another lenovo (T430) via the Lenovo docking station. The one monitor shows about 95% of the screen and if I make it a lower resolution, it looks pretty bad. Unfortunately, that is the monitor I want as Primary. I have updated all drivers. Opening and closing the laptop makes the windows tray icons very small on the laptop as well. Wondering is I need a better unit or is this expected behavior?

Thanks for getting in touch!

This isn’t expected behavior, your monitors should output at the native resolution. I’d like to take a look at logs and see what’s going on here. Could you follow up at and mention ticket # 228860 so I can give further instructions?

Hi I swapped cables and it works better- the Quick launch icons on the Monitor are still huge but will live with it-

Glad you were able to make some progress!

We can likely fix the other issues, it sounds like it might just be a scaling value that needs to be changed. If I can take a quick look at logs I should be able to get some idea of what’s going wrong.