Monitor Plugged into Plugable USB Dock Suddenly Not Working

Hi there. I have your docking station hooked up to a new HP Envy 17 laptop. An HP 19" monitor is plugged in to the docking station via DVI. I also purchased from you one of the high res USB monitor devices. A second idential HP monitor is plugged into the high res monitor device via DVI which then plugs into one of the USB ports on the dock. So here is the question. This setup has been running perfectly (two external monitors and my laptop screen, three altogether) for about three weeks. Startup was also perfect. I downloaded the drivers over Windows Update, my computer immediately recognized the screen plugged directly into the dock and the one plugged into the USB device coming in over the dock. Now suddenly this morning, the monitor that is plugged directly into the dock no longer works. I have tried everything to get it going again (unplugged/replugged in everything, checked for new drivers, etc.) and can’t get it going again. Other than the monitor not working, the dock seems to be working fine. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Matt,

Thanks for contacting us again! I’m very sorry you’re experiencing this problem here after having been up and running fine for a while.

What we’ll need to figure out is if 1) It’s simply a unit where the hardware has failed or 2) If it is a conflict with the HP Envy 17 (We’ve heard in the last month that HP has stated that the Envy is not compatible with USB graphics adapters:…). We don’t yet know the cause or degree of the conflict, but we’ve had at least one other customer who have hit problems on that laptop: their symptoms were that 2 USB displays worked fine, but connecting a 3rd would make it either flicker or go black. We thought it was bad hardware, but it turned out to be something about the Envy’s ATI drivers (for the unique 3D or Eyefinity features of that system).

The best way to isolate the problem is probably this test: remove the UGA-2K-A and unplug the power on the docking station (both your USB attached displays will go away). Then reboot the laptop, and once it’s up, plug in the docking station (leave the UGA-2K-A unconnected).

By cleaning booting up with just the 1 additional monitor on the dock, we should be able to separate issue 1 & 2. Would you be willing to run that quick test, and let us know the whether the dock-attached monitor comes up?

We’ll then have clearer next steps to get you fixed up.

Thanks again for your post, and thanks for your patience while we work to figure this out!

Thanks Bernie. That fixed the problem and all three screens are working great again. Not sure what the issue was with the other Envy user, but I can confirm that multiple USB displays work on my machine. Also, the Envy seems to be particularly well equipped for this as it has a USB 3.0 SATA based port and lots of RAM. I can run 720p video full screen on both USB monitors at the same time with no skips or blurs at all. Highly recommend this setup for Envy users.

Ah, great! Glad you’re back! We’ll definitely be keeping a close eye on the customer-reported behavior with these Envy 17 laptops. If you hit this problem again, try unplugging and replugging the power on the dock. And feel free to email us ( if you see any recurring problems. Thank you!