Monitor issues

Is anyone having this issue
When connected to 1 monitor it starts suddenly losing control of the mouse, the cursor starts jumping all over the place and grey circles popping up and disappearing

Hi Eli,

Thanks for posting! We have already responded to your direct email inquiry via, but for the benefit of anyone else following this thread I will repeat the body of my response here:

The behavior you describe sounds like it is caused by a system that has an integrated touchscreen that may be erroneously generating touch inputs, and those inputs are appearing as the grey circles on your display and interrupting the mouse cursor. This could be caused by a faulty system or something causing pressure on the screen, for example if the lid was closed and was making contact with the surface of the touch display. This isn’t being caused by the dock, as our dock cannot generate inputs of any kind.

A quick way to prove this out is to use the dock with a system that doesn’t have a touchscreen to see if the behavior is different, as it will isolate the behavior to the specific system rather than the dock itself.

Going forward please respond to our direct email thread, as that will allow us to keep all our correspondence in one place.

Thank you,

Plugable Technologies