Monitor is not detected by MultiPoint server.

I have 2 Pluggable DC-125 connected the rear USB ports of my MultiPoint Server. Mouse, keyboard and monitor are connected to the DC-125. Why is the monitor is not detected by the server, but both mouse and keyboard are detected?
DC-125 box didnt come with any power adapter.

That is hard to believe you guys didnt include that in the box, while you know we shall be needing it.

Hi Reiz,

Thanks for posting! The DC-125 does not need AC power – it works purely on USB bus power.

It sounds like we just need to get drivers installed. Have the DisplayLink drivers (available directly here… or from the DC-125 product page) already been installed successfully?

Drivers should be installed in WMS Maintenance mode - you should see the desktop extend across the screens attached to the DC-125. Then you’ll be able to switch to WMS Standard mode and have the terminals come up.

Thanks for letting us know if the DisplayLink WMS drivers have installed successfully - we’ll be able to help with any next steps.


I got the driver downloaded awhile back, but I think it was installed in Normal mode. Let me try to reinstall it.
Thanks for the quick response.

Thanks! If the DisplayLink driver install in Maintenance mode reports any errors, please just let us know.

The most common problem is a server only having VGA drivers installed - DisplayLink requires native drivers for the graphics controller (Intel, ATI, or nVidia), and will report an error at install time if they’re not already in place.

We’re here to help with any other problems (and also via private ticket at


I got the drivers/software uninstalled, rebooted the server, and reinstalled the drivers while MPS was in maintanence mode. Stil the same situation.
MPS is running on Intel S1200BTL motherboad. Board has bu
ilt-in Matrox G200e video card. Video driver is provided by Matrox Graphics Inc.

This is my first MPS install, so I am really new into this.
Current connections:

  • 2 DC-125 are connected to MPS USB ports. LCD monitor, mouse and keyboard to each Dc-125
  • 1 monitor directly attached to MPS, otherwise I could’nt see any Windows display
  • Both monitor are still not detected by server. Keyboard and mouse are detected.

May be I should try another video card?

Hi Reiz,

Yes, unfortunately that’s it – the Matrox G200e video card is not capable of supporting DisplayLink devices – it doesn’t support WWDM or Aero, graphics technologies that are part of Vista/Win7 which USB graphics relies on on those platforms.

You’ll need to upgrade that video card. Does the server have room to do so?


I have a question, can Matrox G200e video card work with windows multipoint server 2011?

Hi Innovative - Thanks for asking ahead!

No, unfortunately the Matrox G200 series doesn’t have the necessary capability in hardware and drivers to work with Windows Multipoint Server 2011.

The G200 uses graphics hardware developed in the late 1990s, but is still unfortunately used today on many servers because it’s the lowest-cost GPU out there (on servers where there’s no expectations of ever having to do any graphics work).

DisplayLink’s WMS drivers will detect that the G200 isn’t capable, and won’t install.

So if you do have a server with G200 series graphics, you must upgrade the system with a PCIe graphics card before any USB terminals will work. Any nVidia or ATI card will work (even the most low-end ones). And at the higher end, nVidia or ATI cards capable of compute tasks (CUDA / OpenCL / etc) will perform best (DisplayLink doesn’t use those APIs, but uses a similar read/write pattern over the bus).

Hope that helps. Thanks again for asking ahead!

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pliz help me.

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