monitor is blue

monitor screen is blue - just purchased. I have tried multiple monitors and multiple desktops - only time monitor is blue is when monitor is connected with the usb adapter. I have read that connectors may be loose - i have wiggled and re-connected all connections - no change. Do I need to exchange the device for a new one?

Hi Dave,

Thanks for posting your question here, I’ll be happy to help. If you can say a bit more detail about the failure you are seeing it will help to determine the next steps.

Is the screen just blue, or does it work but have a blue shade?

If you use the cable and connect directly to the computer does it change?

If you reset the cable at both ends does it help?

Let me know these additional details and we’ll figure out the best next steps.


Hi Jerome,

screen has a blue shade. If i connect the monitor directly to the computer, the monitor looks excellent (no blue shade). I have 2 computers and 2 monitors - any time the adapter is connecting the monitor, the monitor has a blue shade, anytime either monitor is connected to either computer directly, no blue shade.

I’ve unconnected and reconnected all the connections from the monitor, to the adapter, to the computer numerous times (and with 2 different monitors and 2 different computers), I can’t get any change in the blue shade when the adapter is involved. i’ve also jiggled all the connections that the adapter makes - no change.

I also checked all the pins, i can’t see any that are bent.

I’m thinking the adapter is defective somewhere? Let me know anything else you want me to try or next steps, thanks.

Hi Dave,

Thanks for the extra details and for taking those troubleshooting steps.

Please forward your Amazon Order Id and the serial number of the unit you have over to us at and we’ll get you fixed up.


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