monitor freezes

Toshiba laptop in docking station using UGA-125. Seems to work fine for a day or 2 and then one of the monitors will just freeze. Mouse will then work very slow and hang as well. If I unplug the UGA-125 it sometimes comes back and works again. If not I will have to reboot to get it to work. I do have the latest version as far as I can see, 5.6.31854.0

Hi Stephan,

Thanks for posting! We definitely want to track down any screen freeze issues.

Just so we understand the setup, is the docking station new to the setup (vs. the question before…)? Can you say what make/model of dock?

One quick suggestion: DisplayLink does have a newer driver which is targeted at coming USB 3.0 devices, but also has improvements for USB 2.0 devices. Can you install the 6.0 version and let us know (after a few days) if the behavior is improved? Here’s the download link:…

Thanks again!

Toshiba express port replicator II PA3680u-1PRP

Installed Version 6 and still having issues. Screen Freezes and then mouse slows/freezes as well. CPU utilization goes up to 50%. Any other idea I can try. Thanks.

Thanks for the quick reply.

That almost sounds like Aero problems. Does Windows’ built in Aero troubleshooter find and fix any problems? Here’s how to run it:…

Thanks for letting us know if that helps at all.

If that doesn’t resolve the issue - the docking station you have is a PCI bridge device with its own USB ports. We’ve seen reports of USB devices on docks like that having trouble with connectivity at power events (which could be the trigger for freezes). Does the USB adapter behave better when attached to one of the USB ports directly on the laptop?

Thanks for letting us know and working with us to figure this out!

Aero troubleshooter didn’t work so I plugged into laptop usb port. Works so far, will let you know if it comes back. Thanks.

I will say that I’m in tech support at and this multi monitor setup works great when it’s not freezing up. I hope the freezing issue will work it’s way out so I can setup more computes this way.


Hi Stephan,

Thanks for your kind words! I wanted to check in to see how things are going after a few more days – did the move from dock’s ports to the laptop port seem like it has solved it?

Thanks again,

So far it has, the mouse does slow down a bit every now and then but outside of that it seems to have fixed the problem. Thanks.

Wonderful. Just let us know if anything comes up in the future.

We also make heavy use of multiple monitors ourselves to do our work – it’s great to be able to have lots of sources of information up for tech support (like you’re doing at edirecthost)