*Monitor freaking out after hooking it up to the plugable device.*

I just installed the plugable device (Plugable USB-VGA-165 USB to VGA Adapter / DisplayLink DL-165 Chip) and the new monitor hooked up to the device is having issues - screen is freaking out and going static. I can barely see the back ground behind the static. I’ve tested the monitor on a separate port and confirmed that the monitor is not broken and that it is in fact the plugable device causing the issue (I also connected another monitor to test the plugable device – same problem). Both monitors are 24" monitors running at 60 Hertz at 1920 x 1080 resolution on a very new high spec HP laptop using Windows 7. Any help is very much appreciated!!!


Thanks for posting and sorry to hear you’ve been seeing those issues with our USB-VGA-165!

We’ll get you up and running!

This sounds like a bad unit! Please shoot us an e-mail to support@plugable.com including your Amazon order ID, the serial number of the device (to be found on the back of the device on a sticker) and your current valid address and we’ll send a replacement out to you as soon as possible!

Again sorry you’ve hit this issue!