Monitor flickers/fashes on a UGA-2K-A connected to a new MacBook Air

I have what sounds like a fairly common issue – a monitor connected to a UGA-2K-A flickers/flashes intermittently.

The full hardware picture is that I have a MacBook Air (newest model, with core i7) with two external monitors. One is a 21" Dell LCD directly connected to the MacBook Air via the displayport–>DVI adapter. The second is a SyncMaster 191TPlus connected to the UGA-2K-A with a DVI cable, connected back to the MacBook Air via a USB 2.0 hub (which happens to be a Plugable 10-port powered hub).

WIth some frequency (already three times while typing this message), the monitor connected to the UGA-2K-A goes black, and then comes back a second or two later. The LED on the monitor does not blink or flash when this happens – it stays solid green.

The MacBook Air is running OS X 10.7.3.
When I look in the system properties and look at the UGA-2K-A, it shows the following:
Plugable UGA-2K-A:

Product ID: 0x0378
Vendor ID: 0x17e9 (DisplayLink (UK) Ltd.)
Version: 1.06
Serial Number: 604224
Speed: Up to 480 Mb/sec
Manufacturer: DisplayLink
Location ID: 0xfa131000 / 11
Current Available (mA): 500
Current Required (mA): 500

I should point out that I have had the UGA-2K-A device for at least three weeks, but this problem only started a few days ago. I have not updated any video drivers, unless something was embedded in a regular OS X update.

Any recommendations on how to resolve this?

Thank you.

Hi Greg,

Thanks for all the details. The first thing to check is that the UGA-2K-A is getting enough power. A good way to do this would be to connect it directly to the MacBook Air and run it for a while and see if you have the flickering.

Next, try a different USB cable if you have one, it could be failing, and verify the cable between the UGA-2K-A and the monitor with a different one if possible.

If none of these steps seem help run the DisplayLink support tool for Mac and send the .zip file that it creates over to and we’ll figure out next steps. Here’s a link to the support tool:…

Thanks, let us know how it goes!


Plugable Technologies

I have this sam problem and it appears to be related to AJAX apps which update small portions of the display. In particular, when I was in’s email app which pops a window over the top of the display. On virtually every keystroke I’d get a flickering.

Also, I see this on my MacBook Pro (10.8) whenever I am in Safari and switch to the “Top Sites” screen.

My guess is this is a problem with refreshing a rectangular region on the screen. The UGA-165 seems to repaint all that is behind the mini-window then the bit that changed. But, it takes more than one frame refresh so it becomes visible to the human eye.

Did you guys ever find a solution to this?

Greg Smith

Hi Greg,

Thanks for posting your question here. We’ll be happy to help. To get some details about what’s happening on your system please run the support tool available here:…

Just send the .zip file that it creates over to us along with your Amazon Order Id and the serial number of the unit you have.

Once we’ve analyzed the log files we’ll figure out the best next steps.



I seem to be having the same issue. Could you let me know if there was a resolution to this?

Hi Bob - Thanks for asking. There’s been a mix of causes for these problems. Some Apple OS X updates can help, but some problems remain which are waiting on DisplayLink’s next drivers. You can find more details at…

Hope that helps - and email anytime if you have a particular request for us – we’ll be happy to do everything we can!