Monitor Flickering [XB270HU] with M2 MacBook Pro


I am using a 2022 13 inch MacBook Pro with the M2 processor which supports only one external monitor. I purchased the Pluggable DisplayLink adapter [USBC-6950U] hoping I could get dual monitors working. My Acer XB270HU flickers constantly and is unusable when connected to the Pluggable device.

Video of flickering here

My Setup:
2022 MacBook Pro 13 inch M2 Chip
OSX 12.5 Monterey
DisplayLink Manager version 1.8
Monitor 1: MSI curved monitor [MPG341CQR] – working in either HDMI or Display Port
Monitor 2: Acer XB270HU 27 inch monitor – Does not work with pluggable, but works when plugged directly into macbook.

Things I’ve tried:

  • Using only the XB270HU monitor
  • Unplugging all USB devices except the Pluggable hub
  • Changing resolutions and refresh rate (60Hz - 120Hz gives flicker, 144Hz gives fuzzy flicker)
  • Uninstall/reinstall DisplayLink Manager
  • Enabling/disabling monitor in Display Link Manager
  • Restarting the MacBook
  • Power cycling the monitors

Any help would be appreciated.


Hello Daniel,

Thank you for providing a detailed description of the issue and the troubleshooting steps that you have already tried. That is appreciated.

To help clarify, the USBC-6950U adapter can only support refresh rates up to 60Hz. I noticed that your Acer XB270HU monitor runs at 144Hz. We do apologize for any confusion here as we try to do our best to call this out in our product listing seen here under Specifications:

We will want to be sure that you have your Acer XB270HU monitor set to 60Hz to ensure video stability. Running a frequency higher than 60Hz could result in the behavior you are experiencing.

That said, I noticed that you stated, “Changing resolutions and refresh rate (60Hz - 120Hz gives flicker”

If running the monitor at 60Hz is still producing the flickering behavior, we would like to see if we can better help assist but require some additional information. Instead of posting that information here, could you please contact us directly via email? To do this, please email us at In the subject of your direct email, please reference case 393229, which will allow us to match things up and then provide the next steps.

Apologies for the extra steps in the process, and we thank you for giving us the chance to help!

Best regards,

Michael S.

Hi Michael.

Yes, as mentioned in my post and in the videos, I experience the flicker at every frequency between 60Hz and 120Hz, with an even worse flicker and blur at 144Hz. I also tried 50 and 24Hz which produce a black screen. I tried at both 2560x1440 and 2048x1152 resolutions. Strangely, no other resolutions were selectable when using the Plugable adapter.

I did manage to get my external dual monitor setup working-- with the caveat that I’m not using the Plugable adapter with my XB270HU monitor and daisy-chaining the Plugable adapter through multiple USB switches and USB Hubs which is not ideal. A simplified version of my setup is diagramed below (excluding DP switches, and USB switches).

[Laptop usb port 1]--->[XB270HU monitor]
[Laptop usb port 2]--->[USB-C dongle]--->[Power adapter]
                                      |--->[USB Hub]
                                              |--->[Plugable adapter]--->[Monitor 2]
                                              |--->[All other USB devices] 

That being said, ideally I would use both ports on the Pluggable Adapter as that was the main reason for purchasing this device. Ideally the configuration would be below:

[Laptop usb port 1]--->[Pluggable adapter]
                                     |---> [XB270HU monitor]
                                     |---> [Monitor 2]
[Laptop usb port 2]--->[USB-C dongle]--->[Power adapter]
                                          |--->[USB hub]
                                                 |--->[All other USB devices] 

I will follow up with support via email.


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