Monitor doesn't recognize Bitlocker screen at the time of start up

I normally do not have any issues with my docking station but whenever I start/ re-boot my laptop, it doesn’t recognize the bitlocker screen and hence I am forced to open the laptop screen, login, close it and the use my my 2nd and 3rd monitors to work as normal. Is there a way I can direct the bitlocker screen directly to one of my external monitors without having to go through opening my laptop all the time?

Hi Sedwin,

Thanks for posting!

If I understand you correctly, you are referring to the BitLocker authentication screen that appears before Windows will load (also known as pre-boot authentication).

Assuming my understanding is correct, in order for the monitors attached the dock to work, the required DisplayLink driver must be loaded and running. As Windows has not actually booted yet during the BitLocker prompt this has not happened, so the monitors attached to the dock will not work. Unless Microsoft integrates support for DisplayLink-devices like our dock within the pre-boot environment, the workaround you describe of opening the laptop to authenticate will be required.

Hopefully that information helps!

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