Monitor does not display when connected to HDMI 4K port-- Triple Display Docking Station

Hello-- I just purchased the USB-C Triple Display Docking System. I have a dual monitor setup and I am trying to connect the monitors (both Dell 32 inch 1920 X 1080). I’m operating a PC in Windows 10 (computer is an Acer Predator Helios 300). When I attempt to connect both of the monitors to the HDMI ports, the monitor that connects to the HDMI 4K port does not work. I’ve tried switching the cables and when both of the monitors are connected to the HDMI 2K port, they work fine. It’s when I try connecting one of them to the 4K port that I have the problem. Right now, I have one monitor connected to the HDMI 2K port, and one connected to the DVI port. However, I wish for both monitors to function in HD and the DVI ports does not do so. Please help. Why won’t both the monitors work while connected to the HDMI ports? Thank you.

Please disregard this question. Customer support has resolved the issue. Thank you