Monitor does not alway display, or come up, when using the UGA USB Adaptor

We purchased a UGA USB 2.0 Display Adapter. Periodically the 2nd monitor does not come up. If I unplug the USB adapter, and replug the USB adapter back in, the monitor then will come up. Is there a possible “short” in the adaptor or USB port? How can I check if it’s the adaptor or if it’s the USB port? Any other suggestions? Thanks!

Hi lc,

Thanks for your question. To test the USB port, you can connect your device to another USB port and watch for the same behavior. Also, connect another device like a USB mouse to the original USB port and see if it stays connected.

Another good thing to try is a different USB cable to the adapter.

Let me know what you see and we’ll figure out next steps.


Plugable Technologies