Monitor display image is too wide for the screen.

Lenovo Yoga 710, Windows 10, connected to UD-3900 using USB 3.0. ViewSonic 28" monitor connected to dock using DVI. I get an image on the monitor but it is cropped on the left and right sides.

I have tried various available resolution options in the laptop display settings, but cannot get the image to fit on the ViewSonic monitor.

Any suggestions to cure the problem?

We helped this customer via our email ticketing system, and we’re posting the details here to help those who may be researching similar issues.

While researching the model of his particular monitor, Viewsonic VX2835 we found that there was no option for overscan or changes in H and V settings to be modified to allow the entire desktop image to be rendered on the display.

We then connected the same monitor using a D-sub or VGA connection, and was able to output the same resolution utilizing an adapter on the dock, to get the display to work correctly.