Missing setup.exe file in lower volume driver zip file


Using the Plugable USB 2.0 docking station, I am running into the common problem of the volume being too loud on a powered speaker. I wanted to give the recommended “low volume” driver that comes on the CD a try. Both on the CD and on the zip file I found on your website, there is not a setup.exe file in the Vista folder. The main setup.exe file attempts to call a setup.exe within that subfolder, and it isn’t there. I’d really like to get this driver installed so I can effectively lower the volume.


Hi Brian,

Thanks for posting! We’ll be able to help.

While we double-check the Vista package, could you try a workaround:

Could you try installing the Windows 7 package setup.exe and let us know if that succeeds there on your Vista system?

Thanks for your patience!



Don’t worry about my patience. I’ve looked over this site and I think you guys have some of the best customer support I’ve ever seen.

The Windows 7 package gives me a “Don’t Support This Platform” error.

If we don’t figure it out, I’ll just buy a non-powered speaker. No big deal.



Hi Brian,

Thanks for your kind words! Some other quick things to try:

  1. Do you get the same error when the zip is unpacked and you run the setup.exe at the top folder (one folder higher than the specific W7/XP/Vista drivers)?

  2. Try running the CmeAuVist.exe (32-bit driver) or CmeAuVist64.exe (64-bit driver) directly. They’re in the \C-Media-CM6300-Windows-Speaker_-6dB\Speaker_-6dB\USB-108-100201-\Program directory

We’ll have access to a Vista machine tomorrow morning (I only have Win7 and XP in front of me right now), and can get you a solution then, if neither of these workarounds help.

Thanks again!



  1. The higher up setup.exe calls the one in the subfolder. I get an error message that it can’t find it.

  2. Nothing obvious happens when I run CmeAuVist64.exe. There are no prompts or messages that appear. I tried running it from a cmd prompt and also got no feedback.



Hi Brian,

Thanks for the update - we’ll get you a solution. It’s funny, we’ve had this audio driver up for quite some time (~ 1 year), and no one had noticed the missing Vista installer before (including us). Everyone was on XP or 7.

Our mistake. We’ll get it fixed up. Thanks!



Hi Brian,

Thanks for letting us know. While we look into the possibility of an updated package, there’s one more thing to try. We were able to get it going on a Vista system this way:

Could you find the USB audio device for the dock in Device Manager, right click, and select “Update Driver Software…”


Then select “Browse my computer” for the specific driver.

And point it to the uncompressed driver package in the Windows 7 directory

Hopefully you’ll find the driver installs successfully, and you now have more precise volume control.

The reason why this works is Win7 audio drivers should be backwards-compatible with Vista in most cases (as they are here), but it’s just the installer that’s being picky.

Let us know if that works or not. We’ll get you a solution either way.

Thanks again!



That did the trick. Thanks!



Wonderful! Thanks for letting us know. Post or email anytime, if any questions come up in the future. Thanks again! Bernie