Mirroring Nexus 6P to Mercedes COMAND NTG4.7

I want to mirror my Android phone to my car’s display. The car is a 2014 E350 Mercedes with COMAND NTG4.7 and Multimedia Plus interface. I don’t want to run an RCA cable to the back of the head unit (as it would involve removing the head unit and the glove box and routing the cable through it), I want to connect the phone directly to the Multimedia Plus port under the armrest. There are two connectors there, one is a USB A type and one is the multimedia proprietary connector that has adapters for iPod and USB A connectors, no HDMI input.
Would I be able to mirror my Nexus 6P running Marshmallow 6.0 using one of your adapters and connecting it either to the USB port or to the Multimedia Port using Mercedes’ adapter?


Hi Alex,

Thanks for posting. Unfortunately none of our products will work for your proposed scenario. Unless someone makes a very unique/specialized adapter for this scenario, I suspect the RCA route through the glove box is likely going to be the only way to achieve this.


Thanks Gary.
The reason why I asked is that I saw the following post on another site:

“The fact of the matter is that any of the phones newer than the Nexus 5 do not have the hardware capability to output direct to HDMI. Depending on the use case I regularly use Chromecast (with Ethernet to the Chromecast and phone) or I use a Plugable brand DisplayLink usb to HDMI adapter. It uses the same os level integration as Chromecast but mirrors over USB at 1080p (you just need to install the DisplayLink App). So USB 3.0 C to A adapter plus USB DisplayLink adapter works flawlessly for me.”

So, by going the route indicated in the last line I was wondering if I connect the USB DisplayLink adapter to the USB port of my car would the picture show up on the screen? Or if I connect the USB DisplayLink to the Multimedia Plus connector (using Mercedes’ adapter) would I see the picture?

I can connect my iPod to Mercedes’ Multimedia Plus connector under the armrest (with the supplied adapter) and watch videos form the iPod on the COMAND screen so I thought maybe I can go the same route with the DisplayLink adapter.