Mirror Mode vs. Extend Mode

I am having the same problem with my monitors.

I’m using a HP Probook 4540s with 2 HP EliteDisplays E241i monitors.

I used to have a Plugable USB3-HDMI-DVI. This has worked relatively fine for a year or so. But I had some issues lately.
We bought a new one: UGA-4KHDMI.

I unistalled the previous one, installed the new software en added the new device.
I keep having the problem where my 2 monitors are in mirrored mode. No matter what I do I cannot seem to get them to go to extended.

I tried all the solutions in the post (and the links) but nothing works.

Do you have any additional suggestions?

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Hi Taco,

Thanks for posting! Just to clarify that I understand correctly, when changing your Display Settings within Windows to ‘Extended’ mode for your two monitors, clicking Apply, then clicking Keep changes, the screens do not change and remain duplicated? Assuming that I have the details correct and based off of you mentioning that the steps in the referenced post did not help, we’ll want to examine some log files to see if they can tell us what is happening. To help us do so please download and run our diagnostic utility PlugDebug –> http://plugable.com/support/plugdebug with everything connected. Please send us the file that is created on your desktop to support@plugable.com with ‘Ticket Number 144828’ in the subject line so we can match everything up. We will then examine the log files and determine next steps from there.

Thank you,

David W.
Plugable Technologies

Dear David,

Thank you for the reply. I assume it was a problem with my laptop in combination with the new adapter. I performed a factory reset of the laptop last night and re-installed the old adapter. Now it is working perfectly again.