Mini M1 No Displays

Feb 26
Mac Mini M1 (Apple Silicon)
Just got my UD-ULTC4K unit, and it isn’t even being recognized in the Mac’s System Report. Yes USB-C is plugged into the Mini.

I have installed the software, and it too says no displays detected. They are plugged in and turned on.

Ticket 335463

I don’t have any hypothesis for you, but thought I would weigh in to say that I have the same dock working perfectly with an M1 Mac Mini and two monitors connected via HDMI. So the set up your attempting can work, but I have no guess why yours is not working. Good luck!

We’ve isolated the problem with the Plugable unit. It simply won’t talk to my ASUS monitor through DisplayPort. Tried both ports, nothing. Changed the same machine through a Thunderbay 4 enclosure on DisplayPort and the display works. HDMI works, both through the Mini and the Plugable.

I’m good with a port reassignment. But his is an odd duck indeed.


Strange. Glad you solved it!