Mid 2009 MacBook pro

Hi I have a mid 2009 15" MacBook pro - I have one external monitor connected up through my mini display. I want to install a second monitor but the only ports I have left are 2 x USB / a FireWire / an Ethernet. What I want to find out is if there is a way of using one of the USB ports or the FireWire port to get a monitor feed out. I am pretty sure apple don’t support this and I will need to get something with an external graphics support.
Final point is I am running El Capitan OS in case this makes a difference.
Been tracking the web for answers and I am tying myself in knots so any help would be brilliant!

Hi Jody,

Thanks for posting! While we do support the Mac with many of our products, we don’t support Mac systems along with our USB video adapters or docking stations due to limitations in the operating system. Sorry we couldn’t be of more help!

Thank you,

David W.
Plugable Technologies