Microsoft Rebel to Surface Pro2 and remote focusing device connection questions

I have a Canon Rebel T7i with mini HDMI port. I want to pass image from camera to my surface pro usb port (windows 10) so I can view a larger image of what I’m filming or taking a picture of. This will help me obtain a more clean focus. Will one of youor products accomplish this? I realize that I will also need a mini HDMI to HDMI male cable to connect the camera to the Adapter.

I actually have a USB Mini 5-Pin Type B port on my camera. I have a USB Mini 5-Pin Type B to USB 2.0 connector that I use to view the camera image.

I also have a USB Mini 5-Pin Type B to USB 2.0 connector that connects to a remote focusing device that allows me to focus the lens without touching the camera (avoids shaking, etc).

The problem is that I only have one USB Mini 5-pin Type B connector on the camera. I’ve tried to use a USB Mini 5-Pin Type B to a dual USB 2.0 adapter, but it doesn’t work - one or the other works (the Surface or the remote focus device). I can’t find a connector that has a USB Mini 5-Pin Type B male (to plug into the camera) that ends in a dual USB Mini 5-Pin Type B female so I can plug both devices into it. A male to dual ‘y’ female might work, or a male to a female ‘hub’ with at least 2 USB Mini 5-Pin Type B connectors might work better).

This has led me to consider using the mini HDMI port on the camera for the surface viewing part of the process, and the USB Mini 5-pin port for the focusing part. I’m not sure the mini HDMI to surface will work, though, as I don’t have an mini-HDMI to USB connection yet. I’m hoping that DisplayLink has a product that will do this.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.