Microscope won't take pictures after the first pic!!

I have a MacBook. My digital microscope won’t take any more pics after the first pic and the pic that it does take, comes out blurry. Basically its what I said in the title. I purchased this and have only used it once. It worked fine the first time and when I tried to use it again, it won’t take any pics after the first one. When I focus the sense, the pic looks very clear, but once I tap the top to take the picture the image is blurry. After which, it won’t take any more pics. If I come out of the app and go back in to try again it does EXACTLY the same thing.

Hi LaTonya,

Thank you for your message. As we’ve discussed over the weekend we’ve verified that the software installation is good and we’re sending you a replacement as a result!

Please continue communication via email as responses here can be delayed with slower notifications than our ticketing system.


Derek Nuzum
Plugable Technologies