Microscope software continuously takes still images

Is there any way I can stop the microscope software from continuously taking still images - as far as I am aware it did not do this initially - incredibly annoying!

Hi Robin,

Welcome to the Plugable forums. The Digital Viewer Microscope software has a few different options on how you want to capture images. It sounds like you may have selected the option “Time Lapse” which will take a photo every few seconds.

When looking at the Digital Viewer menu you will see from Left to right the following

  • Settings - the gear icon
  • Take a photo - camera icon
  • Time Lapse - will take continuous images on a timer, the frequency of images can be adjust in the settings menu
  • Take a recording - video recording
  • About - app info
  • Exit - quits the application

It sounds like you may have accidently pressed Time Lapse. Also there is a capacitive touch capture button on the top of the Microscope, if you tap it, an image will be taken. The top of the microscope will have a camera icon to where this area is. I hope this information was helpful and let us know if you have any follow up questions.


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