Mic not working through adapter


Hello, i just purchased the audio adapter because my default 3.5mm mic jack on my computer case is broke. I plugged in the adapter and have set the playback and recording device both to default for the usb audio adapter. I am able to hear sound but the mic is not picking up any audio. I have double checked every setting and it should all be fine, and i have made sure that the 3.5mm jack is a TRS jack, so it is compatible with the adapter. I will be more than happy to send the debug file to your guys email if you could provide me with it.



Thanks for reaching out to us! I do apologize for any trouble you’ve had with the USB Audio Adapter, and I am here to help! I’d like to ask a few basic questions about your setup to provide you with the best support:

  • What operating system and version are you using? (example, Windows 10, Mac OS 10.14, etc?
  • What make and model of recording device are you using? We’ve unfortunately seen incompatibilities with Hyper X, and call this out on Amazon
  • Have you made sure to set the adapter as the Default Communications / input device? You’ll need to make sure this is set to get microphone port access.

Again, I do apologize for the trouble, and I hope to hear back from you soon!

Thank you,


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