Message: DisplayLink software removed after Windows 10 Anniversary Update?

I just received the major “Anniversary” update to Windows 10 and when I started my computer (Dell Inspiron 5559) got the message that “DisplayLink Core Software was removed from your PC because it doesn’t work on this version of Windows.” I also don’t see it on the list of applications in the Start menu.

However, so far everything seems to be working through the Pluggable dock I’m using: HDMI to external monitor, speakers, Ethernet, thumb drive. What gives? Is there new software I should be downloading?

Hi Bruce,

We replied via email as well, but posting here for the benefit of anyone who may encounter this researching an issue:

The Anniversary update now has native support for DisplayLink functionality, so older versions of the driver are removed during the upgrade. If everything is working as it should, it means the newest drivers have been installed automatically via Windows Update, so you shouldn’t have to worry about manual updates.

We have additional information in the following blog post if interested:…

I, too, keep getting this message upon every startup of my HP laptop. I have 2 questions:

  1. How do I confirm that I have the latest driver installed for my hub?
  2. How do I acknowledge this Windows message and prevent it from coming upon every startup?

Thanks for your help.

Hi Todd,

With the change in drivers on the Win10 Anniversary Update, we’d only expect the notification to happen right after the upgrade. So if you’re getting it during every startup, we’ll want to dig in further.

When you have a moment, could you please email so we can help investigate?