maximum number of monitors driven off 1 PC using UGA-165s?

I am looking at creating a monitor system for a customer which includes 7 monitors, the host PC will have a video card which I assume includes at least 1 video output. Can I add 6 UGA-165 devices to that PC for a total of 7 monitors, or is the limit 6 monitors regardless of connection type?

Also can you clarify what is causing the 6 additional monitor limit? is this a windows restriction, or a USB restriction, or a limitation of the hardware?

Thanks for your help.


Hi Matt,

Thanks for posting and asking about the monitor limit!

The limit on Windows is 6 USB-attached monitors *in addition* to whatever your built-in graphics provides. So you can get to 7 or 8 monitors.

And the limit is actually not the hardware level, and not imposed by Windows - the limit is set by the DisplayLink driver.

It’s set at 6 not because of any hard limit of the technology - it’s really only to set realistic expectations in terms of how many monitors will perform well for normal app & web use.

But in fact, some versions of the DisplayLink driver (e.g. those that only run on Windows Multipoint Server…) have lifted the limit (in WMS 2011’s case, to 14).

Hope that background helps. Thanks again, and thanks for considering our products!


By the way - wanted to mention that the Mac limit is 4 USB monitors (there are other limiting factors on Mac), and by contrast, the Linux limit is in theory 32 USB monitors (although we have yet to put together a system with that many to test that boundary). :slight_smile: