Maximized Window not in full view on second monitor.

I am using two Plugable USB 2.0 UGA units with a laptop. I am not using the laptop screen at all. I have set screen 2 to my main screen. Screen 3 is an extension of my desktop. When I maximise a program (IE MS Word) on screen 3 I loose the Office button on the right. Is there a way to correct this without manually resizing every window I want there?

Hi Joe,

Thanks for posting! We’ll be able to help.

With an analog connection (VGA), this is a common problem. The usual way to solve it is to look for settings in your monitor itself: either to “auto position” or to manually adjust horizontal and vertical position and size. These adjustments are there for exactly this case.

* Does your monitor have these settings and do they allow you to adjust enough? (send us monitor make & model if you have any trouble - we can look it up)
* Or, is your monitor DVI (white connector) or HDMI capable, so we could use a digital connection which tends not to have these issues?

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