Manual Adjust Microscope Camera Settings


Hello I just purchased your digital microscope, so far product works great. My question is how do I manually adjust the camera exposure? I am using Digital Viewer. I found under settings>more…>camera control that there are options to adjust many useful parameters yet all of the are grayed out?! How do I gain access to these features? I read an older posting that these could be adjusted using MicroCapture. Thanks for any information you can provide.



Hello Jack,

Thank you for your question. The software included with the microscope is generic and not specific to our microscope. The options that are not available with our microscope are grayed out…

I am sorry if this is not the answer you were hoping for, but I hope it helps.



I am using the Micro-200x camera and wanted to adjust the camera exposure settings- I am using the MicroCapture software…

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Hello Nauman,

Thank you for your message.

This option should be available by unchecking the ‘Auto’ box next to the slider for Exposure.


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Hello - I have a plugable USB2 and I’m looking at a surface mount LED. I have way too much light and I’m getting blooming when I look at the image using GUVCview or OpenCV. Is there an OpenCV or direct API command to adjust the exposure or lower the gain on the detector? Thanks…


Hi, is there a way to control the camera settings via python/OpenCV? It takes too long for the sensor to auto expose, and I’d like to leave the LEDs on all the time and just take a quick photo. I plan to either manually alter the microscope to keep the LEDs on all the time or use a software method if one exists.


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